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Shoot Back

The gun control farce playing out post Orlando is a perfect example the federal government refusing to acknowledge the real threat while focusing on a non-threat. The attack in Orlando did have something to do with guns. That, of course, is a somewhat superficial statement but thinking it through leads to another fundamental conclusion. The inability of local police and the FBI to address the threat.  The NYPD Demographics Unit was a reasonable attempt to disrupt potential attacks but it produced little of value before being shut down amidst charges of racial profiling. In October of 2011 the DOJ designated  Mosques as off limits for federal investigators.  As long as the problem of Islamic Terrorism is treated as a law enforcement problem it will grow. Islamic Terrorists exploit weaknesses; their attacks are acts of war and should be treated as such. If they were we could develop a strategy to deal with them but as it is now our federal agencies are forbidden from using the words “Islamic Terrorism”. If we can’t even name the threat how can we develop effective policies to fight it?

The inability of some 2nd and 3rd generation Islamic immigrants to assimilate into main stream culture is self evident. But let’s look at the assimilation issue through the eyes of a recent arrival from Kabul, Afghanistan. What are the western values we’re asking them to embrace and with which to raise their children? Toddlers and Tiaras? The fantasy of “Diversity is our Strength“? The prospect of their daughters being drafted into the Marine Corps infantry….the fact that we are having a debate on women in the infantry is indicative of a society that has forgotten how it became a dominate force for good in the world. Which cultural will instill the values immigrant parents want to see in their children…the decadent West or Islam?

The progressive liberal values that our elites cherish are anathema to people raised in a warrior society and Islam is a religion of war. Those same values would have been anathema to the generation Americans who fought and won WW II too for that matter. What can you do?  Nothing – that’s the state of play and there is no reason to limit any activity because your elected leaders insist on staying with the liberal narrative. Kevin Wilson does a great job articulating the frustration of  the law abiding, productive, pro second amendment citizens (hat tip Instapundit):

Yes, sometimes we get an Oklahoma City bombing. Sometimes, a shark does attack. But the reality of violence in the United States is practically unspeakable. And because this is fundamentally a question of social-status-jockeying rather than one of effective public policy, gun-control policies that might actually reduce crime are overlooked or opposed because they do not annoy the NRA. Indeed, gun control that doesn’t annoy the NRA isn’t considered proper gun control at all. We could be putting violent criminals away for gun-related crimes for longer terms and monitoring them more aggressively through an improved parole system. We could do that before they graduate to murder — remember how many of those charged with possession offenses have prior arrests and convictions. But this isn’t on any gun-control agenda.


For one thing, it probably would mean locking up a lot of young black men in Chicago rather than hassling a lot of old white guys living out weekend-warrior Rambo fantasies in Tulsa. And for the Democrats, that isn’t an option. The enemy is the enemy, and, guilty or not guilty, he must be punished.

My intent with this post was to cover the minimum skills that a reasonable person would want to master if he or she wants to carry concealed with confidence. There are hyper links that explain the training content; mastering this material will result in the ability to carry concealed with confidence. The majority of current conceal permit holders are essentially untrained but then again in the majority of the 2.5 million times per year a gun is used to stop a crime in America little to no training was needed. Producing the gun was all it took to prevent the crime.

Islam has millions of adherents who come in every shape, size, and color. You cannot count on identifying a Jihadi terrorist by matching what you think a Middle Eastern or Central Asian man looks like. There are plenty of Afghans in the Nuristan Province of Afghanistan who look just like me. There are American converts to Islam who look like any other American. Islamic Terrorists can be picked out early by the alert observer because he will have detectable anomalies – something about them that sticks out from the normal pattern of life surrounding you. Read the books by Gavin DeBecker and Dave Grossman mentioned in the previous post for details.

As my father pointed out in a rather pointed email my statement that the targeted venue in Orlando was “irrelevant” was inaccurate and potentially inflammatory.  The target could have been selected specifically because it was a gay bar, or because it was a “gun free” zone, or because the murderer was spurned during his advances to other men in that bar and was seeking revenge, or a combination of all three and/or something else. I think that the consistent thread in all of the Islamic terrorist attacks in the US has been vulnerability …. and nothing is more vulnerable than a gun free zone. Gun free zones come in many different flavors. Trying to carry a concealed into a federal court or office will get you arrested. In a bar…….if you’re carrying with proper concealment who would know? That’s a call every man and woman has to make for themselves.

Regardless of motivation Islamic terrorists have a consistent feature. They are dedicated opponents who have enhanced their abilities with drug combinations. I would guess they combine amphetamines and valium or use meth combined with powerful opium based analgesics like oxycotin in the United States and Europe. In the Middle East and Afghanistan the drug combination of choice is capagon mixed with tramadol. Opponents who are motivated and drugged are difficult to put down, they will need to be hit repeatedly to stop them. The weapon training term used for dedicated opponent training is failure drill. Drugs are a two way street – they will enhance the ability of an Islamic Terrorist to fight on when hit but will also aid in detecting them when they are near you. Murders high on drugs and preparing to massacre people send out a vibe you will not miss if you are paying attention or in gun training terms are in condition orange.

 Dedicated and/or multiple opponents are bad news; firearms act as force multipliers for those who protect potential victims in these situations. When a threat can only be handled with lethal force not having a firearm will prove a fatal mistake. Needless to say if these were 13 Jihadis they might have proved tougher to break.

 Gun laws in America vary by state but never vary in intent. The purpose of having a concealed carry permit is to have the ability to stop an assailant who has demonstrated he is a lethal threat to you or another person. Using a firearm to defend yourself is always a legal liability crap shoot; the best outcome you can expect is to keep everything you had before the shooting. Even if the DA determines the shooting justified there remains a potential civil case and the costs of a court battle will drain the financial resources of the vast majority of citizens in this country. If you decide to carry concealed often I highly recommend you purchase concealed carry insurance; the monthly fees are reasonable – the protection priceless.

“Any gun will do if you will do” was the tag line Front Sight put on their tee shirts and it’s a good line to remember. There are hundreds of blogs that discuss the virtues and/or flaws of various guns and (more importantly) ammunition loads. I’m a 1911 guy but you should carry whatever you are comfortable with. If you are a novice consider a Glock style pistol that does not incorporate an external safety. The one skill to master when running a Glock (or similar style) pistol is take up the considerable slack in the trigger prior to pressing off the shot….and then resetting the trigger by trapping it first which enables rapid aimed fire. Stroking all the way through the Glock trigger (the safe action trigger has tons of slack in it by design) to press a shot will drive the rounds low and right.


All effective self-defense systems require training and practice and this is doubly true with firearms. If you have the time and financial means taking a four or five-day handgun course would be a wise investment. There are good schools all over the country; I favor Gunsite and Frontsite but any school will work because the information they are presenting is generally the same. These courses start with grip and stance and by the end of the training students are capable of presenting from the holster under time pressure while consistently hitting their targets and able to clear type 1, 2 and 3 malfunctions. These training courses are not a vacation; the pace is fast, learning curve steep and the days long.

 Listen to a former SEAL talking common sense to power concerning assault weapons.

The majority of you will not have the time and or money to attend a formal school but all of you know somebody who’s a gun guy (or gal) and they can direct you towards decent local training. What you need to master is grip, stance,  trigger control, presentations, consistent gun handling routines, the ability to clear malfunctions and the ability to hit what you are aiming at. Being consistent means you handle your weapon the same way every time. When it comes out of the holster it’s a proper presentation – even if you’re not on the range and putting it up for the night the presentation should be crisp and to the ready. That builds muscle memory while reinforcing good habits. Gun handling (loading, unloading, presentations, clearing malfunctions, etc.) can and should be mastered with a dry weapon. Presentations should consistently produce a good sight picture, slack out of the trigger and be centered on center mass of your target. The presentation needs to be smooth with an economy of movement. Range time needs to be focused and should consist of a drill progressions in a venue where you are allowed to present from the holster.

Typing “learning how to shoot a pistol” into Google yields 409,000 results. If you do not know anyone who can help coach you watch the videos, dry practice and then hit the range to do progressive training. Putting holes in paper targets from a bench rest (which is the rule for most indoor ranges) is useful to the novice and those who have not shot for several years but to develop the confidence of a sheepdog you need to run your firearm from your concealment rig and hit targets while moving. Nobody stands still in a gun fight, you and all around you will be moving.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to train up and carry a gun from now on…or train up, get a conceal carry permit and carry sometimes ….or are you going to do nothing?  Doing nothing is a solid choice as the odds of ever seeing a Jihadist unmask are unbelievably high. But soon someone somewhere in our country is going to be on the X; minding his own business when he looks up to see the impossible unfold right in front of him. If that happens to you be the guy in the video below. You don’t need to carry a gun to be a sheepdog; you just need to fight. Be the guy in the video below! Submission (Islam means submission in Arabic) is not an option for free people.

Fourth Generation War Comes To America: What Are You Going To Do About It?

Orlando is not the first mass shooting by a so called ‘Lone Wolf’ Islamic Jihadist in America; it’s the seventh in recent years but this one is different. The knee jerk reaction from the political left and their media enablers has (unbelievably) gained traction in the establishment media. The Orlando massacre has nothing to do with guns; decreasing the civil liberties of law abiding Americans is not the answer. A majority of the American public knows this and are dismissing the governing elites attempts to spin this attack for political advantage out of hand. The problem is Islamic Jihadists and the fact that they are embedded inside our society and are going to, with ever increasing frequency, attack the citizens around them in the name of Allah. It’s what they do.

I find myself in a unique position, given my background, training and experiences, to write about an appropriate response to the Icehole (the FRI name for ISIS) violence. I’m a retired Marine infantryman who taught at a professional firearms training academy for several years. I also spent over 8 years in Afghanistan; most of that time I was in the contested provinces and all of that time I lived outside the wire embedded inside the local community. I carried a sidearm (and often a rifle) daily and when in the south I was never without fragmentation grenades in both my vest pockets. I have spent decades studying the literature associated with gun fights and gun fighters. I met Dave Grossman before he published On Killing and used his unpublished manuscript when we remodeled the USMC Infantry Officer Course close combat package. I had the honor of meeting and listening to Col. Boyd before he passed. For those of you who do not recognize these names read on – they are the core of the Sheepdog phenomenon and Sheepdogs are about to step onto the historical stage and light the way for freedom loving peoples to follow.

That the target was a gay night club is irrelevant. Homosexuality and Islam have a strange relationship due to the many peculiar customs routine among unmarried young adult males that in the west would consider homosexual. That’s old news. My speculation is that the nature of the target aided the Icehole shooter by de-humanizing his targets through the interpretation of the targeted group contained in the Koran. He could have targeted a stripper bar or any kind of bar for the same reason.

This observation enrages the gay rights crowd who insist this attack was an attack on gays specifically and thus a hate crime first and a Jihadist crime second. I am not sure what difference it makes to view the attack this way; as far as I’m concern this was an attack on the foundations this country was founded on and thus an attack on all of us; not just gays. But I have family and friends who find this view reprehensible and I don’t know what to say about that except I love my family and friends and am trying to show them a way forward that is not predicated on fear. Islam-and-Gays-copy

It is clear that our federal and local law enforcement agencies are not capable of protecting us from the Islamic Jihadi threat. Look at the latest Icehole Shooter; interviewed by the FBI twice, a gun store owner refused to sell him weapons or body armor and reported him to the FBI as a potential Jihadi terrorist, the store that did sell him the guns also called the FBI after doing so because they thought him a potential threat. The Orlando police department waited three hours to take him down and how many people bled out and died due to the delay is unknown but (given the circumstances) had to be a considerable. There was even an off duty cop outside the club who traded shots with the Icehole but then fell out of the media narrative. Where did he go? Why didn’t he follow the Icehole in and try to take him out? I’ don’t know but I also cannot think too many valid reasons for the lack of follow up.

People who chose a career in law enforcement tend to focus on the skills needed for professional development. If they are not part of a tactical team proficiency with firearms are not a requirement. The ability to pass annual qualification is all that is needed for advancement. Qualification and training are two different things but a vast majority of police officers will never use their service sidearm so it is hard to justify four or five day tactical training courses. Paying for the manpower hours, range time and ammunition is beyond the capabilities of most law enforcement agencies. There are plenty of police officers who train regularly on their own time and have excellent gun handling and combat marksmanship skills. One of them was pulling security at a recent Pam Geller event in Garland, Texas. How stopped two Jihadi’s, armed with rifles and wearing body armor, with head shots from his Glock .45 service pistol. That officer demonstrated tier one operator levels of performance in combat marksmenship and tactical decision making. There are many like him but most police in most places cannot be expected to perform at that level.

Obama and the sycophants he has installed at the helm of the American government are still importing tens of thousands of un-assimilateable, hostile Muslims (not our former interpreters who we promised could come here) into our country and setting them up with our tax money. Why?

Mistaking the government for a competent entity that cares about the average American citizen is insane. We’re on our own when it comes to Islamic terrorists folks and my question is what are you going to do about it?


For a vast majority the best thing to do is nothing. The chances of being caught up in one of these attacks are remote. You can live your life without changing daily routines or habits because you will never be caught up in a terrorist attack. This is the “hope” plan as in “I hope it doesn’t happen to me” and given the laws of averages it will prove a solid plan for the vast majority currently residing in the United States.

Those who do nothing about the threat of Jihadi’s are sheep; they cannot or will not accept responsibility for their personal safety or the safety of those around them. The law of averages, not The Law  is their only protection. But the law of averages is moot if you are in the cross-hairs and there are thousands of Americans alive today who will be killed by Jihadis in the future because our government has neither the will or ability to stop them.

For law abiding Americans who believe hope is not an adequate plan there is another option and that is to become a sheepdog. Human Sheepdogs are, by nature, not a threat to their fellow citizens but are death dealing fighting machines when they, their loved ones or the sheep  (other citizens) are in peril. To be effective in this role the sheepdog needs to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for close quarters battle (CQB). Death lurks in the CQB environment; the only way to beat death is to kill without hesitation or remorse. That is not easy to do.

Don’t think you’re up for that? Think again,  if a woman can fight off a mountain lion with her bare hands or a retiree with poor gun handling skills can run off two strongarm robbers (who both had guns) out of an internet cafe then you can take on a Icehole Jihadi. The other option is to submit and die.

If you are a christian who believes your religion forbids the taking of human life I urge you to read this post at the Captain Journal. Herschel Smith can sort you out in a heart beat. He is also the most prolific (and best) blogger in the country on Sheepdog related issues.

Sheepdog Mental Conditioning

Perspective sheepdogs should start their professional development with the man who came up with the Sheepdog concept; LTC Dave Grossman, USA (Ret) and his book On Killing. Understanding the psychological basis for overcoming man’s instinctive reluctance to taking a human life is critical to developing the mind set required to fight and survive in a close quarter gun battle. One of the most important lessons to internalize from Col Grossman is his intra vs extra species conflict model. Many of you are familiar with the “fight or flight” model which is a good conflict model for exta-species encounters. When confronted by a Rattlesnake your options are to kill it or leave it alone and leave the area. When confronted with a human threat the fight or flight model expands to include posture and submission. Most of the fights you have witnessed in your life involved tedious verbal and physical posturing before the adversaries came to blows. Many victims of violent crime submitted when confronted by the criminal. Understanding how violent encounters escalate as well as the normal human responses to violence is imperative because the Sheepdog has to learn to bypass them to be effective.

Another essential book is The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. Dave Grossman speaks at the Gavin DeBecker and Associates  Mosaic Threat Assessment seminars and I was scheduled to go to one years ago but it was cancelled due to wildfires at the venue in Big Bear. I remain disappointed to this day. The Gift of Fear is a textbook on how to spot human predatory behavior. This understanding hones the senses by providing a framework that assists in anomaly detection. Detecting anomalies within the daily pattern of life is the quickest way to identify a potential threat. You do not need a laundry list of things to look for you just need to pay attention to every anomaly that catches your eye. Behaviors like loitering, angry hostile stares, excessive headgear in warm weather, sunglasses at night etc… could mean something or could mean nothing.

We have been told by the media, educators, politicians and other members of the ruling class that violent acts are unpredictable. That is absolutely not true and DeBecker’s book will teach you why. Remember our most recent Icehole shooter was throwing off such obvious, hostile vibes that two gun stores reported him to the FBI. How do you think that Icehole was looking before he unmasked inside the Pulse nightclub …what kind of vibes was he throwing off?  DeBecker will teach you what is already ingrained inside your brain housing group and that’s how to spot predators. More importantly he’ll eliminate the most common response to the sudden appearance of dangerous anomalies which is denial.


The last topic to read up on is the OODA loop. There is much written by and about Col John Boyd, USAF (Ret) so a link to a compendium of his writings is here. OODA is the acronym for Observe Orient Decide Act and it’s importance to a gunfighter cannot be overstated. Once you enter the fray you function on mental and physical conditioning; there is minimal cognition occurring as you adjust to the noise suppressing, vision narrowing, fine motor skill degrading rush of adrenaline. It is tough to handle which is why high end firearms instruction includes breathing exercises that are designed to bleed off adrenaline and keep the pulse below 150. The time to think is while observing and the sooner you orient onto a target the more time you have to prepare for the upcoming fight. Once the flag drops there is no time for thinking…only action counts.

The next post will cover the mechanics of gun-fighting in the close quarter environment but there is one more component of the combat mindset that needs to be internalized and its not good news. If you are in the midst of a Jihadi attack and present a gun to fight back you’re going to get shot. There is no way around it; you have to understand up front you will be hit so that when you are hit you stay in the fight. Being shot is not the same as being killed and most people who are shot in America do not die.

Of course it is possible to intervene in a shooting and come out of the encounter without a scratch but you can’t think that is going to happen before you fight.  You have to understand you’re going to get hit and might well die and then you have to ignore that and fight like a demon possessed. Going through the crucible and emerging without a scratch means you’re lucky, or blessed or cursed….as some of my fellow vets know being the one guy to walk away from a gunfight without a scratch can be a curse as well as a blessing….but I digress.

People who have been hit hard will bleed out if they are left in a pool of their own blood for three hours before the cops feel its safe enough for them to go in and get them. For the people who were shot at the Pulse it was their bad luck to be attacked in a city with a substandard, risk adverse, tactical unit.


The Sheepdog deals with reality not the narrative  and the reality is he is on his own when confronting Iceholes (or common criminals dubbed ‘teens’ by the establishment media). So my perspective sheepdog friends remember the essential truth for sheepdogs. If caught up in an Icehole attack  you are on your own. There is no one coming to help you; you have to deal with the threat and rescue the injured because that’s what sheepdogs do. Sheepdogs are humans who are not perfect, we are tolerant of the normal faults and foibles of our fellow man with one exception: we cannot stand and will not associate with cowards.

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