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Spiking The Ball One Year Later

Last night I was coming back from the La Taverna du Liban, Kabul’s best Lebanese Restaurant, located in the Wazar Akbar Khan section of Kabul.  Back in the day it had a full bar and open patio and was packed with  expat customers. Most of the expats back then had at least a pistol on them […]

Stuck in Kabul

We are finishing up our projects and preparing to call it a war. This year we have had our biggest success to date; operating in over 20 Provinces, all of them kinetic and getting every project we started finished on schedule and on budget.   I now routinely move in Ghost Team mode throughout the […]

Masters of the Obvious

Well, the day after E2 posted the droid post, a new report by Afghan “experts” was released. It is a complete crock, which couples blindingly obvious facts to a set of BS recommendations that are so wrong they can easily be dismissed an reasonably intelligent eight year old child (but not our betters in DC). […]

Shifting Sands

With most of the world’s attention focused unfolding events in the Mideast now is a good time to shed some light on the current ground-truth in Afghanistan. Sami the Finn is always a good place to start and he provides interesting perspective on the suicide bombing at the Finest supermarket in Kabul this past Friday […]

What Is the Problem Here? Correct Version

One of the Chim Chims’ has asked to put up a guest post on a topic near and dear to both our hearts for different reasons:  the continuing efforts of the New York Times to kill a program I doubt was that big of a deal to begin with.  Chim Chim is a member of […]

The Start of a Long Year

A few weeks back home were a blessing and also a time to partake in my favorite thing to do which is doing nothing.  I’m an expert.  While I was away a few articles caught my attention and they serve as a useful point of departure to evaluate where we are at the start of […]

Security For Me But Not For Thee

ISAF continues to reposition forces closer to the civilian population centers as part of their “population centric” strategy. They’ve set off a flurry of activity putting up blast walls, T barriers, concertina wire and Hesco counter mobility obstacles.   Only none of this frantic building of security barriers is happening anywhere near Afghan population centers […]

Escalation of Force

I have written on this topic many times before; most of you have by now seen this article from the New York Times: Tighter Rules Fail to Stem Deaths of Innocent Afghans at Checkpoints.   Here are the first two paragraphs: American and NATO troops firing from passing convoys and military checkpoints have killed 30 […]

Amateur Hour

The attack on Kabul yesterday was yet another demonstration of how inept the Taliban are at the planning and execution of a simple raid.   The attack has been described in the press as “audacious” and “brazen” which is true.   All their attacks in downtown Kabul are conceptually bold military moves; but they accomplish […]

Turkey Shoot

I was enjoying a morning cup of coffee and checking email up on the Baba Deck with a group of friends who are in from the States when we saw the signature of a tanker attack just up the road.   That has never happened this close to Jalalabad before so we conducted a brief […]