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Attention To Detail

My good friend E2 has kept FRI alive, which enables me to throw up a post I’m dying to share.  I’m still going to stay mum about where I am, and what we’re up to.  It appears that  we’ll complete our remaining projects in a few months, which will  allow me to tell that story […]

There’s Fire

Fighting season is now on. This year the villains strategy appears to involve deliberate attacks on aid projects and let me tell you something we (the outside the wire aid community) are getting hammered.  In the last week a majority of us have had to deal with murders, intimidation, shootings, IED’s, kidnappings and attacks on […]

Where There Is Smoke

In the Helmand Province, this year’s fighting season has started off with a whimper.  On May Day (as predicted) the only action was in Paktika Province where a child suicide bomber violated the latest Taliban  public announcement by blowing himself up in a police station.  The Taliban had just announced they would no longer allow […]

Victory Day

Well  here we  are, a week away from Victory Day, the  third annual national holiday celebrating the martial history of Afghanistan.  There is Independence Day in August, which celebrates running the Brits out of the country in the 1800′s. Then, there is Liberation Day, in February, which marks the end of direct Soviet  Army involvement. […]

Poppy Time

It is Saturday, the 9th of April here in the sunny paradise of Afghanistan and both Kandahar and Kabul are in UN declared “White City” status as the locals braced for another round of anti-American protests in response to the Koran burning in Florida.  I’m in Kandahar where all is quiet after  Thursday’s  spectacular attack […]

Afghanistan Gone Wild

The killings in Mazar-i Sharif followed by rioting in Kandahar, Jalalabad and towns across the country are more than a little troubling.  Joshua Foust posted on the topic expressing concern about the viability of internationals remaining outside the wire which makes me concerned too because Joshua isn’t one to cry wolf.. then added  a […]

Hotel California Naw Zad Edition

Apologies.  I ended my last post with an observation about the importance of how wars end.  That was most foolish because it assumed we started bombing Libya with the intention of using the military to achieve a militarily appropriate endstate.  I’m all for killing Col Gadhafi because he killed Americans; a lot of them in […]


Crickets as in “I hear nothing but crickets” is the word of the day for Regimental Combat Team 1 (RCT 1) based in Camp Dwyer and controlling the southern districts of Helmand Province.  I needed to do a little district level coordination last weekend and was able to catch a ride to Marjah with my […]

It Takes A Clue

Nothing will sour the morale of combat troops faster then the realization that the commander at the top receives frequent visits from the Good Idea Fairy.   Which is a good start point for explaining why  General Stanley A McChrystal took to the pages of Foreign Policy last week to explain the unexplainable.  The story […]

Thugs, Mobs And Education

The news this week has been dominated by the Lara Logan story.   Ms. Logan was the subject of   the most popular post in FRI history which can be found here.   Reactions to the news that Lara was subjected to “a brutal and sustained assault and beating” have cost at least one knucklehead […]