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Kandahar Rocks

This is a post from March 2010 re-posted now as a reminder of how unstable most of Afghanistan has become in the past five years. There was a Taliban attack outside of the Kandahar Airport that killed over 50 people (Cartman says 61 in his reporting) two days ago. For those of us who spent […]

You Can’t Handle the Truth

This morning I was doing something I ought not be doing, reading the news sites (guaranteed to fill my bitter heart with enough anger to subtract a few months from my life span) when I came across an article on the latest failure of female officers to pass the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course. The […]


Last week I received and polite email from Professor Richard Macrory of the Centre for Law and the Environment, University College London asking me for permission to use some of my photos of the Gandamak battlefield in his upcoming book on the First Afghan War.  When most Afghan expats hear the name Gandamak the first thing […]

FabFi on the front page of New York Times

Here’s an update in an attempt to counteract the thoroughly depressing news of Tim going silent. (Anyone who knows Tim in person knows that you can’t actually silence him; he’s still ranting but we’ve turned off the blog-mike). With Kanani’s help, I’ve put this post in Babatim format. This weekend’s New York Times has several […]

Poppy Time

It is Saturday, the 9th of April here in the sunny paradise of Afghanistan and both Kandahar and Kabul are in UN declared “White City” status as the locals braced for another round of anti-American protests in response to the Koran burning in Florida.  I’m in Kandahar where all is quiet after  Thursday’s  spectacular attack […]

What A Mess

I’m not referring to the controversy surrounding the attempted rescue of Linda Norgrove which is currently consuming the news cycle. My experience is that Special Operations folks do not attempt rescue operations unless the odds are stacked in their favor.  I don’t know anything about what happened in Kunar Province last weekend and therefore have […]

A New Way Forward?

A  very tense week for those of us outside the wire has finally passed which means it is time for some good news.   We have been on a restricted movement routine (for the first time in five years) which provided the opportunity to digest a report from The Afghanistan Study Group entitled A New […]

Rocky Road

As the summer started I was optimistic regarding the chances that we would see some indications that we are gaining ground in Afghanistan but that has not happened.  Incident rates are skyrocketing which in and of itself is not a negative thing if it is our side who are instigating the incidents but that is […]

The Dog Days of Summer

Many apologies for the delay on posting.  I was laid low by some sort of viral affliction which mimicked  malaria.  Like most people who get sick maybe once a decade, when I do catch a bug you would think I was on death’s door I’m such a sissy about it.  But the fever is gone […]

Getting After It

One of the Chim Chim’s dropped in for a visit last month.  He was on some sort of training inspection type team which I didn’t ask too much about and told us that every-time he asked officers from the unit he was looking at what they were doing the reply was “getting after it.”  They […]