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LaRue Tactical Hats

Shem and I took advantage of getting kitted out in all our gear to re-take some pictures for LaRue Tactical in Texas. All the furniture and sights on or M4’s comes from LaRue and they were kind enough to send a surprise care package full of hats, their signature dry rub and other goodies. We […]

Covert Radio

Brett Winterble from Covert Radio had me on for a quick segment which you can find here. Our resident journalist was kind enough to take some pictures during the recording. I use Skype and did this interview from the Tiki Bar aka Bamboo Bar aka Geeks Corner. We had Brett on speaker so everyone could […]

Talking with the AOG

There are many names used in Afghanistan to describe those fighting against the government. Taliban, insurgents, Anti Government Elements (AGE) and Armed Opposition Groups (AOG) are the most common descriptors. I like using AOG because it best describes all those groups who are fighting or undermining the Afghan government. AOG can be Taliban, criminal gangs […]

Launching the Tajmahal Guesthouse Website

This is the second day in a row we have been working on upgrading the Tajmahal website. With the able help of webmaster Ken and many others we are finally there. Here is a great shot of geek central. The Taj’s Bamboo bar where we hang out most evenings with our laptops listening to […]

The Caves of Little Barabad

We went across the river into Beshud District to the village of Little Barabad to get some photos of the old caves which line northern shore of the Kabul river. Here is the shot of the day from our expedition local girls from the village who came to see us as we trekked back to […]

Barak was right about Iraq?????

GOOD GOD! I just turned to look at the TV which is playing Fox news on the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and Hair Plug Joe, our Dem VP pick, was screaming that Barrack Obama was right and John McCain was wrong on Iraq. Oh really? Operation Northstar A Global Risk Strategies convoy escort team pulls […]

Kabul Re-up Run

Today the Bot and I had to run to Kabul for a re-up. We started our journey by striking a pose for our sponsor. Well not a real sponsor but they sent us some hats, bumper stickers, steak rub, and a generous assortment of candy so we feel sponsored. Here is Shem (a.k.a. Shem Bot […]

Lazy Friday

It is the end of another long day here and I accomplished nothing other than going to the gym for a workout. Jammed the SUV full of petrol which is always an adventure freaks the locals out when you talk to them in Pashto but essentially I did nothing which means I have to post […]


It has been seven years since the events of 9/11. The war of terror or the Long War which is a better term is the reason I am here. I’m in Jalalabad Afghanistan where I spend an inordinate amount of time. I have been in Afghanistan for over three years now. I was in Iraq […]