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The Yellow

In Marine Corps officer schools “The Yellow” is the school solution for tactical problems normally handed out in the form of an operation order or an annex to an operation order on yellow paper. Having written at great length about the problems we see with both the military and reconstruction efforts I’d now like to […]

Approaching the Tipping Point

The Fab Folk continue to work like demons to maximize their time on the ground. Yesterday they had successful test shots with their fabricated internet antennas to both a local NGO and the Nangarhar Public Hospital. They work every evening setting up the XO laptops they have sent in and early each morning they meet […]

Fab Lab Surge and ABC News

The Fab Lab team has arrived and is now hard at work. The logistics involved supporting their aggressive schedule is keeping me on the road for good bit of the New Year which helps explain the lack of activity on this blog. However things are calming down as Team Fab Lab hit its stride which […]