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Tribal Engagement

Editors note:   This post went up about 10 hours early when I hit “publish” instead of “save”on my blog dashboard.   If you stumbled across it during the day of 21 February please take the time to read it again as it will make a little more sense. I have been back in America […]

The Battle for Marjah

Operation Moshtarak, the assault on the Marjah District in the Helmand Province started today.   The press has been looking at it for months from various angles with stories stressing that secrecy has been lost, or that civilians will be killed,  or with speculation on why the military is publicizing Operation Moshtarak in the first […]

The Jalalabad Fab Fi Network Continues to Grow With a Little Help from Their Friends

Editors Note:   In this post Keith Berkoben and Amy Sun from the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT report   on the Fab Fi network in Jalalabad. These are cross posted on the Jalalabad Fab Lab blog.   Keith is first up with great news on the continued growth of the fab fi […]

Lara Does the Special Forces

My morning email contained a heads up from Mullah John, who is home on R&R. 60 Minutes had broadcast a show on the American Special Forces last night and the segment was “disheartening,” to quote the good Mullah. After watching it I was left speechless – it was worse than “disheartening,” it was awful, and […]