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The Dog Days of Summer

Many apologies for the delay on posting.  I was laid low by some sort of viral affliction which mimicked  malaria.  Like most people who get sick maybe once a decade, when I do catch a bug you would think I was on death’s door I’m such a sissy about it.  But the fever is gone […]

The Good Don’t Always Die Young

The Godfather of Free Range International – the man who pioneered the techniques, tactics and procedures we use to travel in remote districts was executed last week in Badakhshan Province. Dan Terry was a good man. He was humble, self-effacing, and competent.  He lived in Afghanistan with his family and spoke fluent Dari and Pashto. […]

Getting After It

One of the Chim Chim’s dropped in for a visit last month.  He was on some sort of training inspection type team which I didn’t ask too much about and told us that every-time he asked officers from the unit he was looking at what they were doing the reply was “getting after it.”  They […]