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Five Hundred Meter War

Herschel Smith at the Captains Journal has put up a great post which addresses a topic near and dear to my heart; infantry tactics. The post is The Five Hundred Meter War which had the video below from James Foley, a professional journalist writing at Global Post embedded in it.  His full report can be […]

A New Way Forward?

A  very tense week for those of us outside the wire has finally passed which means it is time for some good news.   We have been on a restricted movement routine (for the first time in five years) which provided the opportunity to digest a report from The Afghanistan Study Group entitled A New […]

Rocky Road

As the summer started I was optimistic regarding the chances that we would see some indications that we are gaining ground in Afghanistan but that has not happened.  Incident rates are skyrocketing which in and of itself is not a negative thing if it is our side who are instigating the incidents but that is […]