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Hotel California Naw Zad Edition

Apologies.  I ended my last post with an observation about the importance of how wars end.  That was most foolish because it assumed we started bombing Libya with the intention of using the military to achieve a militarily appropriate endstate.  I’m all for killing Col Gadhafi because he killed Americans; a lot of them in […]

Rant Time

Last December C.J. Chivers wrote a very classy piece on one of my fellow milbloggers, Joshua Foust, from  C.J. noted that Joshua has softened some of his pointed criticism while growing as a writer.  I see the same thing in his Registan posts and know that I too have tried to tone down my […]


Crickets as in “I hear nothing but crickets” is the word of the day for Regimental Combat Team 1 (RCT 1) based in Camp Dwyer and controlling the southern districts of Helmand Province.  I needed to do a little district level coordination last weekend and was able to catch a ride to Marjah with my […]