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Hotel California Naw Zad Edition

Facebook sent me a reminder about a post that went up 5 years ago and asked it I wanted to re-post it. I did then went to read and realized it was probably one of the better more prescient posts I ever wrote so here it is….back on the front page of FRI exactly 5 […]

Rant Time

Last December C.J. Chivers wrote a very classy piece on one of my fellow milbloggers, Joshua Foust, from  C.J. noted that Joshua has softened some of his pointed criticism while growing as a writer.  I see the same thing in his Registan posts and know that I too have tried to tone down my […]


Crickets as in “I hear nothing but crickets” is the word of the day for Regimental Combat Team 1 (RCT 1) based in Camp Dwyer and controlling the southern districts of Helmand Province.  I needed to do a little district level coordination last weekend and was able to catch a ride to Marjah with my […]