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10 comments to All Clear

  • dennis

    Well from what i could see, thay just throw there lives away. But are guys are OK so that’s what counts.

  • B

    Possible reasons for the attacks:
    1. Staking territory. When the Americans pull out, it will be a free-for-all, like in the 90s. Whoever makes a name for himself as a player now will be in a stronger position vis-a-vis recruiting, securing foreign sponsorship, etc, just like the guys who split the country in the 90s had made their bones with spectacular attacks on the Soviets a decade before.
    2. A message to the Afghans on the fence. If ANSF can’t keep this kind of shit from happening in broad daylight, what makes you think you’ll be safe in your compound, especially as the American drawdown takes place? Get down or lay down.
    3. Logistics dry runs for something more spectacular. If retards with no real game plan can do something spectacular like this, think about what a couple of dozen guys not suffering from neurological handicaps and with a clear plan can do.

  • Razer Ray

    One less monolithic piece of Western architecture in the country must make ALL the ethnic groups quite happy… Except of course the ones who lived most of their lives in Vienna Virginia or other ex-patty place. As far as “Wasted Lives”. Haven’t seen the ISAF corpse count recently, and the Pentagon’s tally keeping of dead US soldiers has always left a lot to be desired. Maybe they’ve gotten more efficient at flying the dying to Hamburg so there are no ‘combat casualties?

  • The only thing they proved was that they could coordinate attacks on numerous sites. The effectiveness of those attacks seems to have been minimal.The Taliban are very media savvy and need to control the narrative.

    Almost on schedule there was a big jailbreak in Waziristan, so I’m sure we will see more ISI directed incidents in coming months. Look for some really nasty stuff.

  • J Harlan

    The positive effects (not in order of importance)for AOG are:

    1) the ability to get a platoon into the centre of the city is again proven,
    2) Kabul will be seen as increasingly dangerous making it harder and more expensive to staff foreign organizations
    3) more ANSF will be diverted to the city
    4) foreign agencies will increase their security- more guards, concrete and traffic jams
    5) two days of TV coverage showing ~ 36 guys taking on ANSF and NATO in the capitol. If the roles were reversed there would be a Hollywood block buster’s script being written before the smoke cleared.
    6) increased sense in the west that the situation is hopeless as well as a waste of resources.

  • RJ

    Back home our government, along with pals in the media are ramping up their game of “pulling the rug” out from underneath our soldiers in your neck of the woods.

    Can’t wait for John Kerry to make another grand statement on that last person to die…

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