On the Border It’s Tough Times for God’s Children

The Sound of Freedom has generated a level of concern about the sexual trafficking of children that would be encouraging were it not for the fact that it has made no difference in the trafficking of children. According to the Texas Policy Foundation 100% of the illegals crossing into the USA are being trafficked by drug cartels. That means every man, woman and child who enters illegally through the southern border owe the Cartels money that they will re-pay if they want to live a longish life free of crippling injury or the forced sale of their children. The cartels issue wrist bands to every illegal crossing the river which the illegals remove on our side where you can find hundreds of discarded bands at popular crossing sites. In the picture below Newsmax corespondent Jaeson Jones is holding child sized wrist bands during a live shot in Mission last week.

I live in the Rio Grande Valley where children are trafficked daily in collaboration with our border patrol and a government contractor named Catholic Relief Charities. In my town illegal migrants are released at the McAllen bus station with a court day years distant they will not even attempt to make.  Across from the bus station is the Catholic Relief Charities building that takes in the migrants, gives them food and bus or airplane tickets, and sends them off into the interior towns that are selected in secrecy.  The police force in McAllen, like over 95% of the population, is Hispanic and in the past they ensured illegal migrants did not leak out into the surrounding neighborhoods. We use the term illegal migrants here because many of the surrounding neighborhoods are populated by legal migrants who worked hard for many years to become United States Citizens.

That has changed since the Biden administration opened the border, now we see illegals at night running across the interstate or just walking around the town as if they belonged here. The founding fathers made no provisions for the situation we now face and that is an administration that refuses to protect its own border and the people living there. We need that federal protection from an armed invasion by hostile forces or we’ll have to do it ourselves The picture below of Armed men was taken by Fox News in Fronton, Texas last week which is just outside of Roma.

Armed narcotraficantes mexicanos in Fronton, Texas which is just outside of Roma.

Roma is a small town sitting on an easily crossed ford on the Rio Grande river that is swamped at night by long lines of Central and South Americans, Haitians, Russians, and Chinese who patiently wait on our side of the river for the Border Patrol to come arrest them.  It is the last town where migrants who want to be caught cross. West of Roma is where people who don’t want to be caught cross and they carry drugs, young women, children, and weapons. Want to know something weird about Roma? There is an oyster house there that serves the best raw oysters I’ve ever had in Texas. The rest of the fare is cheap fried garbage that tastes like crap, but the oysters are out of this world. I have no idea why but me thinks there is a Narco on the river who insists on high quality oysters.

It is obvious to anyone paying attention that the government somnolence about the southern border would instantly vanish if Americans took up their guns to defend their lands from the Narcos. And it is just matter of time before that happens too, not because us Americans are that upset about the trashing of our lands but because we hate people who traffic or abuse children. Here’s some recent examples of typical child abuse that occurs on the border.

There are sandbars inches below the surface in portions of the Rio Grande and a group of illegals crossing in broad daylight plopped an infant on one in the middle of the river while they collected themselves before finishing the crossing. When they moved off every adult  grabbed a couple of kids but left the baby on the sandbar. Texas State Troopers started yelling at these assholes to go back and get the baby, which they ignored until reaching our shores where the troopers were able to convince one of the adults to go back for the baby.  None of those children belonged to the adults in question and they will now enter the foster system which is a whole different kind of chamber of horrors that often ends with sexual abuse.

Recently, in Jim Hogg county, the State Police stopped an illegal from Mexico with seven children in his car. The man had a rap sheet in Mexico for abusing kids and was a known and convicted pedophile. How did a dirt bag Mexican pedo get his hands on seven children? Guess. It’s easy on the border to purchase kids, all you need is adequate Spanish language skills and some cash. Which makes me wonder why organizations like Operation Underground Railroad aren’t down here with their millions in donated cash buying kids to save them.

There is only one way to stop the sexual abuse of women and children on the border and that is to close it. No other action will make a dent in the trafficking of kids for sex. This is so obvious that it is beyond debate so why is the border still open? You know why….too many Americans like Donald Trump so we need new voters to keep the 80 plus year old uni-party leaders in power. I’m not saying the rich men north of Richmond are all pedophiles; there are (maybe) good reasons why so many of them flew to Jeffery Epstein island where sex with teenage girls seemed to be the main attraction.

Let me say it again the only thing a concerned citizen can do to prevent child sexual trafficking is to insist the Feds close the border. The United States is only country in the world with a heavily armed population that is both capable and unafraid of dealing with narcotraficantes mexicanos without assistance from our broken, demoralized, useless military. It will, in time, come to that unless something radically changes to protect the citizens of this country who live on the border. Meanwhile I’ll keep an eye out for Operation Underground Railroad to show up and rescue some kids the old fashion way – with money. For some reason I doubt that will happen, it seems the millions raised by the underground railroaders is being used for other purposes.

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  1. It’s been a long time since FRI has been published. I miss your insightful writing. We might have to wait until January,, 2025 for the closing of our borders. I hope it will be much sooner.

  2. About time ya got yer rant on! I fully expect a thoughtful angry post tomorrow on the anniversary of that perfect pull out. Kirby actually said that… he didnt see any chaos. Piece of Shit! Baba Ken

  3. All right Tim! Missed you and your Mensa bros on AMR, but so glad to see you post here. Keep them coming!

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