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Last February I wrote this post about the Afghan Security Market. I was in Kabul for a month as a favor to a friend when I wrote the post filling in for a guy I had not met before named Christian Major. Christian and I spent two days conducting a turn over before he went home. I instantly became a big fan of his when I saw him interacting with the local beggar kids on our first morning together. He had exceptional language skills, he was a very big and very fit guy, had an infectious smile, great sense of humor and like all the good guys in my line of work a tender heart. As many of us do he sponsored children from the slums paying them to go to school. Unlike many of us he followed up on his investment ensuring unscrupulous family members did not take the money from his charges and force them to beg in other parts of the city. Christian Major was a good man; I am proud to call him my friend; Christian died sometime during the night last Thursday and was found in his room by his mates on Friday morning.

Christian in DC last February while on leave
Christian in DC last February while on leave

We do not know why he died and there is no reason to suspect foul play. Christian was a friend to everyone he met good natured and relaxed in all situations as only big, fit, highly trained men can be. I am on the way home for a much needed break and am therefore not in close contact with my buddies back in Kabul so I do not know what the family is planning or where to send my condolences. When I find out I will post that information on this page.

Christian sucking it up at BUDs in Coronado back in the day
Christian sucking it up at BUDs in Coronado back in the day

 I do not know why we lost Christian but do know we lost someone special. He was an “outside the wire” guy who knew the languages, culture and people of Afghanistan.   Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

Anyone who knew Christian will recognize the smirk - damn ballsy move to pull in the middle of hell week at BUDs - look at how miserable everyone else looks
Anyone who knew Christian will recognize the smirk - damn ballsy move to pull in the middle of hell week at BUDs - look at how miserable everyone else looks


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  1. I met Christian this past winter when he was in Boston for the Superbowl and immediately drawn to him and I still cant believe for the short time we kept in touch via im that i am cut short on getting to know him more. He will be missed. Miss you Major

  2. I met Christian in Kabul only shortly before he ran off on leave in February and I had the same response – he was someone special and worth knowing. The guy had a big huge smile and genuine excitement for everything that came his way.

  3. I played football at UMaine with Major. Great guy who will be sorely missed by everyone he met.

  4. Majors was a great friend that loved life and helping people. He will be greatly missed.

  5. Christian was my neighbor for many years and also my friend he was funny and charming, and very smart, he will be greatly missed by many. He was a very good friend and I am grateful to be able to have called him mine. It is nice to hear from someone who worked with him how respected and admired he was for what he does, he liked very much to be the best at everything.

  6. Christian was in my boatcrew at buds. He had a contagious attitude that made the best of everything and brought out the best in everyone. Christian had an enormous heart and seemed compelled to do real work for his country, always in the thick things, and always there for his teamates.

  7. I am so sorry to hear of Christian’s loss. I knew him in High School and immediately thought of his smile when I heard of the loss of his life. Please know my prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends and all those who knew him!

  8. It is so sad to see such an EXEMPLARY human being die. Chris was a wonderful guy and his passing is a great loss to many individuals including the country he served and protected. He will be greatly missed but may we always remember his great personality and amazing spirit.

    ~IHS Classmate

  9. He was one hell of a guy!! He was always up for a great time! He was always willing to do everything he could to help out any of his friends or teamates! R.I.P Maj!

  10. Thank you to his Family and to him especially, for all the service to our Country. It’s always terrible to lose a member of the team. My prayers are with everyone in who Christian survives through.

  11. christian was a great guy and friend to all. loved his family and really was a responsible, caring human being… As his home room teacher, I always reminded him to “keep the locker clean” and he was always laughing and trying to stick another snack in the space ( for sports practices!!)… we enjoyed teasing each other… His family should be very proud of their son, brother, friend and hero.

  12. I was working with Christian for 2 years in Afghanistan . the day befor he pass away he called me and asked me to go partty with him and i was like sorry iam busy . then the next day in the morning i was looking for him in facebook he was not there and suddenly i recived a call that Christian is not with us anymore OMG. I will never forget him he was very nice guy with us he was our hero in afghanistan and iam like i lost a part of my family .RIP for Major

  13. A good man from a wonderful family. My regrets to the Major family and Chris’s many friends.

  14. I was Chistian’s nursery school teacher. He could light up a room. I am truly saddened by his death. My prayers to his family. This is a tragic loss

  15. My prayers are with his family, may God hold their hearts with tenderness.

  16. Christian is a good good friend of mine and my entire families. He will be sorely missed. These last few days have been very hard for all of us.

    Condolences and flowers can be sent here:

    Cornell memorial funeral home, Danbury ct for wake and St. Mary Church Bethel, CT.

    Funeral dates to be determined.

  17. Christian was a brother of ours…my brother I will think of you everyday. My life has been enriched having you be a part of it.

  18. Christian was my first cousin and the only memories I have of him are as a toddler up in Conn.There was a huge age difference between us as I have a daughter 2 years younger then him. I remember him as a very happy little guy jumping all over the place. Years later I learned he was a Navy Seal. I know what a great accomplishment that is as my husband was Special Forces in Nam.I am sorry I never really got to know him but from all I have read about him he was quite a guy.I am very proud that he was a family member.This was a terrible way to learn about him for me.
    My sympathies to all who really knew him. I missed out on knowing a very talented,intelligent young man.

  19. I served in the Navy with Christian. He was a friend in the truest sense of the word and an even better human being. I truly am a better person for having known him. We had some great times that will not be forgotten. He was one of the few that I stayed in contact with after we got out of the service. I always looked forward to hearing fom him, and about his latest exploits. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. He & his family have been & will remain in my prayers.

    RIP Brother

  20. Christian was a very good friend of my family’s and he is a big part of the reason why i serve today. he was a MAN. he made most men look bad. this world is going to have yet another tiny dent in it with him gone. I’m gonna miss you so much Christian. I hope life is better where you are buddy.

  21. One of my favorite people with the biggest hearts of anyone i know. There was never any being mad at christian no matter what he did or said, i tried many times but could never stay angry for longer than a minute. A gentle giant with a heart of gold. He will be missed by me, all that knew him and all of the unfortunate people who never had the pleasure of meeting him. A truly unique man and an amazing friend. Love you always Christian. RIP

  22. hi to all its roman yousuf from kabul afghanistan i just wanna say for all the people who known major he was just a kind person and i havent seen any body like him in any foreighn forces we were working together in on firm about 6 months so , GOD BLESS HIM he was a nice buddy . and we would remember him til the END ……………………………………………………

  23. I knew Christian in high school and played ball with him. He was a great kid and kind soul. although his life was short, it was filled with honor and friends. As a former SARC Devil Doc, I know of the commitment and sacrifice it took to do exactly what it is that Christian did. He was a man among men. RIP Christian

  24. Christian Major sounds like someone that should have lived forever and may very well do just that in the hearts and minds of everyone he touched in his all too short life. We can only hope that his kindness and joyfull energy passed from him to others will continue to have a ripple effect long after his passing, touching even more hearts as his life story is passed from person to person. Getting to know him would have been a pleasure, unfortunately an opportunity missed, but you never know we could still meet somewhere some time. I look forward to the opportunity to render a salute and shake his hand.

  25. I hired Chris for a rough gig here a year ago. Shame the rough gig got cancelled….but good for us in that he was larger than life, loved by everyone, and a great friend to all. It’s been tough on the staff, and I’m sure even tougher on his family and friends. God Bless Chris and his family, he is sorely missed.

    Pat G.

  26. YO conoci a Christian en PR y no sabia nada de esto de su muerte eran tan buen hombre . Te Extrañare un mucho. Dios te bendiga

    Tu amiga de siempre


  28. I met Major, when I was in the 82nd Airborne. He was assigned to me when he got released from SF selection. I was his squad leader when we were in Afghanistan in 2005. He was a great person and I will for sure miss him. I cannot believe that he is gone, we use to talk frequently and somehow we separated when he left for Afghanistan again. I just found out he died today, which is the anniversary of my best friend’s death who died in the war and who knew Major too. I will miss you brother and the last time I spoke to him that is what he said, “take care brother, I see you later”. RIP….

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