Hacking The Afghanistan War

My second podcast is up and as a reminder once I get a few more done I’ll be using a service to get these out as listening podcasts on iTunes and Goggle Play.  Links from the material used for the show are below.

The Merry Pranksters Who Hacked the Afghan War from Pacific Standard

The White Man’s Burden

The most recent quarterly report from SIGAR

Mayday! Britain’s heroic lifeboat volunteers are drowning in a sea of political correctness imposed by former Save the Children executive

This is a Martha Raddatz interview with Dr Dave in which she tours OBL’s old house with the Taj “security team” that consisted of Baba Tim .  I’m not only a one man security detail but also the driver as you can see if you look closely.  The shit I would do without pay or bitching for my buddies ……Despite this interview and the NPR interview we were never able to raise funds.


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