Eid Cease Fire and a salute to Zee Man and Mullah John Binns

There are some interesting things happening in Afghanistan that could spell an end to our involvement there. What are the chances that our Department of State and Pentagon will capitalize on it? Zero.

CNN story on Taliban coming into the cities during the Mid cease fire

Michael Yon’s Road to Hell dispatch from 2008 featuring Zee

The Road to Hell part II – Michael Yon’s coverage of journalist kidnappings in Kabul 

Spirit of America NGO pays tribute to Zee

Rockefeller Brothers Fund pays tribute to Zee

San Diego Jalalabad Sister Cities Foundation Website 

A True Son of Afghanistan

SSF monitors the Presidential election in 2009 



2 Replies to “Eid Cease Fire and a salute to Zee Man and Mullah John Binns”

  1. Jack was one of my closest friends for the past 26 years. The term “close” being somewhat subjective. As you allude to, he was not really a “sharer”. In the army he once said to me, why do you make it a point to know the first names of all the troops? It only makes it harder to possibly send them to their deaths…” He was joking…of course…I think.

    Jack was seen by many who didn’t know him well as being too serious. Wrong. He had a very dry sense of humour not always understood by all (often Americans).

    He was always known as Jack over those decades. The reversion to John seemed to coincide with the latter half of his contacting career. Reinvention? Persec concerns? I don’t know.

    Many people in the conventional army and the Mounties did not “get” him. I did, from the first time we met. I was just at his funeral and will miss him dearly. We all thought he would live forever. BTW, the moose meat fight happened in Alberta not Manitoba. All Jack’s police service was in Alberta.

  2. I knew Canadian John for a couple years @ Taj – He truly was an interesting cat ~ once he warmed up to us on the BabaDeck he was a regular for conversations and story telling. When I was solo at Taj he would come over almost every night to give the Tread Mill a workout ! He definitely was not a hugger 😉 ! RIP Mr. Binns.

    As for Z – he was a walk in for a network manager position @ NU at Interviews Dr. Dave and I held in town – Was great seeing him grow into an awesome force for peace and Youth Programs – and of course Cricket. RIP Lil Bro Z !

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